Dayana & Michael

Atlast, we are coming out live with Mike and Dee.

These two are very special to me. I met Michael about 6 years ago when he first arrived in Moscow and started studying in my University. His humility, which is very rare among Students, and humane personality caught my attention; not to talk of his punk hairstyle and his quite colorful dressing. Finding out he is a south-westerner turned the spark of our connection into a prompt flame and with time, we grew into each other so much that we practically knew each other’s schedule. He came into my life at a very important time when I was starting out on the path of photography and decided to take a break from engineering pursuit for a year and his support at that time is something I will always be grateful for.

Well, soon enough he became my first model and I can still remember our first outdoor shoot few Kilometers from the Kremlin. I met Dayana in 2012 after I realised Michael has started disappearing and missing dinner. After some investigation, I presumed he had been busy with choir rehearsal, as a drummer in the church, but only to realise there is also a damsel in the choir who Michael has been also busy with. My first meeting with Dee was a remarkable one. Her smile was just so charming and contagious and her voice so tender. I immediately understood why Mike has gradually become scarce!

Fast forward one year, we managed to get Mike and Dee before the camera amidst the church responsibilities, Mike’s modelling and engineering careers, and Dee’s tight work load. Indeed, it was great fun from the start till the end of the shoot. I would say they are just every photographer’s dream. Somehow, we managed to steal them away to few other locations before they eventually tied the knot. Here are some of the frames we got before they walked down the aisle. Watch out for their wedding pictures soon.

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