Meet the Creative Head of Seanwhitty™ Photography


Events & Occasions

From Beauty Shoots, Portraits,
to Advertising Campaigns.
We got you covered.

Sean is a renowned London based creative photographer who loves to capture raw precious moments with an artistic approach.

As a Russian trained photographer who has worked across different continents, the cross-cultural experiences and approach are shown across even the very finest of Sean’s work.

Sean works closely with all clients, to develop a deep understanding of their briefs. His dedication and a keen eye for detail has enabled him to deliver time and time again, turning his client’s concepts and vision into creative masterpieces so no matter the size of the project, Sean’s your guy!

“I capture the deep essence of any booking with a deep focus on creating timeless images that evoke positive emotions and brings contentment.”

“Asides from Photography, I love DIY and Classical music, I know… but it’s the best! I look forward to working with you, and giving you the all-time amazing #thewhittyexperience”


Weddings are one of the
biggest moments of your life,
let us capture the magic!

Are you in love with the idea of having the perfect wedding pictures to look back through for generations to come?

We know how life-changing weddings can be and we pride ourselves on being able to capture all of that on camera.

Capturing pure beautiful and emotional images, making that day extra special is something that we offer, you’ll never forget #thewhittyexperience.

Events & Occasions

Hosting an Event?
Have a special occasion
coming up?

There is nothing more important than capturing those moments and having something to look back on to accompany those memories. After all, PICTURES say it all!

Remember pictures preserve the important events and people in our lives.

We are able to work with you on events or special occasions no matter the size from corporate functions, trade shows birthday parties to Architecture, Travel & Landscape.


Magazine Features ~
Sean is a regularly
published Photographer.

Sean Whitty’s work has graced the covers and has been featured in numerous magazines over his time as a photographer, which has lead to him building strong relations with Publishers over the years.

Here is a list of some to name a few:

Ellements Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Black Hair & Beauty, 7Hues Hair Magazine, PUMP magazine, Scorpio Jin, Kultur Magazine, Imirage Magazine, Shuba Magazine, Feroce Magazine.