Hello! Welcome to my blog where I get to share the nitty-gritty of my photography journey – ranging from my travel photography and landscape adventures to some BTS of my personal projects or even some photo deconstruction. As an explorer of light and a sucker for details and perfection (does that really exist in art? Well, at least I strive for a perfect representation of my mood, ideas and concepts!), I find the process of creating very intriguing and liberating, and it will be my pleasure to share the journey with you.

It’s been an interesting and emotional journey of discovery, and in all honesty, I am just beginning. It is exciting what the future holds but for the moment, I am excited for how far we have come and most importantly thankful to all my clients, fellow creatives, followers on social media platforms, friends and family, mentor and everyone who has one way or the other helped me grow, challenged my dreams, opened up my horizon to made me see my artistic treasures within and this journey of self-discovery for what it is truly is.

As an educator, there is a tendency to go into too much details so this is where your help will be needed. Kindly let me know what you will like to see shared in my posts: my lighting schemes for achieving particular looks, BTS of my shoot, review of gears, post production techniques, collaborative project, experiences in particular areas of the field of photography, some community-oriented event/projects and many more!

Also, from time to time, we will be sharing some goodies as part of our #shareasmile mission for this year so please do stay tuned and subscribe to be the first to see our updates and exciting news.

I am looking forward to hearing from you, and please let’s know a bit about you-we would like to know you, where you are based (city/country), how we met (if we have) and ultimately hope to meet and work with you soon. Also, if we’ve worked together or you’ve been one of our clients, do not hesitate to drop by and say hello! We surely have loads of goodies to share with our returning clients as well as the new ones. I can’t wait to hear from you all…in the meantime, Welcome to our new phase!